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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
“The clothes are easy to wear and ageless . Ive re-worn and reused my Verb styles over the years and they never look old . Their exceptional customer service has got me coming back to them for years . They cater for all shapes, sizes, & ethnicities.”
— Vrinda Gupta
Customer reviews
“This is my go to brand for holidays, parties or just a luncheon . I don’t think there is anywhere else you can get such great pieces with such flattering cuts. Love them!”
— Kirti

Meet The Founder

Verb was founded in 2008 by Pallavi Singhee in Calcutta, India.
This story is one of a young curious soul. Born in a conservative family and raised in a sheltered environment, Pallavi finds a way of living her life to the fullest by fantasising, envisioning and exploring her limits through the designs she creates. The brand is an extension of her idiosyncratic style - artsy, spirited and simultaneously easy.

Verb is a versatile brand, made to dress a woman who is free. Free to decide how she wants to dress, who she wants to be and how she wants to live.
The line captures the conflict between tradition and modernity by using prints and techniques inspired by history wrapped in silhouettes and fabrics of urban international trends.