Why buy Verb?
At VERB, we offer products as thoughtful investments, not just for one season. Our line harmonizes the juxtaposition of tradition and modernity by incorporating prints and techniques inspired by history and culture, elegantly intertwined with the silhouettes and fabrics of urban international trends. Our clothes are meant to be season-free, encouraging multiple wears.
Why can we afford to be original?
We at Verb have the gift of time. We are a privately owned, women-led brand. We put our people first and avoid raising capital that prioritizes money over mission and imposes a growth-at-all-costs or exit-oriented mindset. We measure success by how well we deliver on our mission. "When one takes money, one is typically setting the stage to get out. It’s about multiples and math at that point. It’s not about the product. It’s not about customers. It’s just about growth… a perverted sense of what business is about. Business to us is about making something great, treating our employees great, treating our customers great, adding something good to the world that wasn’t there before." We aim to be an evergreen brand.
Our motto is:
"Wear for leisure, wear for pleasure."


Why Launch in Small Capsules?
Our collection releases are data-driven and responsive according to what our VERB community wants. Being a social media-driven brand, we understand what the VERB tribe likes and dislikes. With every launch, we have learnings along the way. Then, according to what we learn, we build and add. This reduces wastage and encourages optimization of material and labor. For example, we initially released our lily mini in one print, and listened to community feedback, now offering it in 4-5 prints, introducing new prints every season. So while it might appear that each collection is designed for the same person's wardrobe, 50% of our customers each month are new. Continuing to innovate allows us to reach new people, introducing them to the more responsible alternatives to fast fashion that Verb is committed to providing. It’s important for us to keep disrupting and changing shopping habits to prioritize long-lasting, conscious buys over fast-fashion steals.


What Happens to Our Fabric Scraps?
As a zero-waste brand, we meticulously segregate and bundle all fabric scraps based on size, quality, print, color, texture, and embroidery technique. Verb actively supports multiple NGOs dedicated to working with fabric scraps. One such NGO is Mahaveer Seva Sadan, which focuses on the social rehabilitation of physically challenged individuals. These scraps are utilized by the beneficiaries to craft bags, which are then sold in exhibitions. 


Additionally, some of our fabrics are skillfully refurbished and sewn together at Verb to create unique patchwork jackets and gilets. These are released in limited capsules online or through pop-up events, with proceeds benefiting charity. 

Furthermore, we empower entrepreneurial women working from home or running small units by providing them larger fabric and embroidery swatches free of cost, enabling them to create styles creatively and sustainably from the comfort of their homes. Drive Toward a Lower Carbon Footprint.
Solar Power: A significant portion of our manufacturing unit operates on solar energy, as we aspire to transition to a fully solar-powered facility. Solar power fuels many of our operations, from lighting and maintaining optimal temperatures on the shop floor to powering heavy machinery for sewing, finishing, and embroidery.
Water Recycling: We integrate water from our drinking water filtration process into environmentally conscious practices. Through innovative wastewater recycling, we annually save over 30% on water consumption, repurposing it for essential functions such as toilet flushing, plant irrigation, and cleaning.
Our Supply Chain
As an international fashion brand, we acknowledge that our global and environmental footprint extends beyond our internal operations. Thus, sourcing and manufacturing Verb products responsibly is our priority. We seek suppliers and manufacturers who share our values, ensuring collaborative efforts to enhance both the company and the environment. In addition to our internal regulations, our suppliers and manufacturers must adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct, which mandates ethical behavior and compliance with applicable laws, ensuring fair treatment of workers and promoting sustainability across our supply chain.
All work must be free and voluntary. Any kind of forced labor, whether obtained by violence, coercion, or threat, including the retention of identity documents or the obligation for workers to make deposits, is strictly prohibited.
Child labour is prohibited. All workers are over the age of 18.
All employees shall be treated fairly with respect to recruitment, promotion, compensation, discipline, and dismissal. There is no place for discrimination based on gender, nationality, religion, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital and family status, pregnancy, political views, trade union membership, social or ethnic origin, or any other status protected by national law. We believe that women and men should receive equal pay for equal work.